On a whim, after having agreed the night before that lack of attendance would be well received by the other two, Eli, Owen and Libby, then freshman at DePaul University, all decided to sacrifice much needed sleep to follow through with their plans of attending a service at the 2nd Unitarian Church in Chicago. Each, assuming they were surprising the other two with their presence, they waited for one another on the L platform, shivering from the morning chill of the cool October air. That morning cemented a friendship that would manifest itself in a band, an original album, a tour in Tennessee, and a 4-day hiking/backpacking trip for good measure.

Just less than a year later, Owen, Libby and Eli were setting out on Saturdays to play fiddle tunes and their handful of original tunes at the Green City Market on Chicago’s North Side. It was clear from these first performances that there was a musical understanding and excitement between the three of them that set the official conception of the band.

Writing together with every minute they could spare, the trio began a catalogue of tunes that has been steadily growing ever since. Drawing on their common love for music such as The Goat Rodeo Sessions, the band called on all of their musical knowledge to create a sound that was as original as it was inspired. Each a classical musician on their instrument, the sound was able to be informed by many different styles, and unfettered by technical hindrances. After only 4 months together, it was clear that an album would be in the works soon, and by June of 2014, they teamed up with their good friend Jeremy Carrasco to record their first full-length album. The self-titled release was recorded at the DePaul School of Music with all of the recording, mixing and mastering done by Jeremy Carrasco. Having just finished tracking, the band headed down to Tennessee in June to spread their music, and of course visit Libby’s hometown of Maryville. While on tour, they played on two radio stations, with live shows in Knoxville and Maryville, and were broadcast on the morning news in Knoxville. The week-long tour was the perfect cap to their first “season” as a band, considering their first ever show was in January of that year – they each went their separate ways for the summer, to work, practice, attend a music festival and travel the UK. Returning from their hiatus, with an album release on the horizon, the band set to work on securing a venue, getting the album designed and ready to be released online and in physical copy, and attaining sponsors to help make the event affordable. The album release took place on November 7th, at none other than the 2nd Unitarian Church in Chicago – the very place were they voyaged just over two years prior.

Now the band is maturing, and getting in touch with the fore founders of the genre as well as keeping a watchful eye on the current innovators. Honing their sound, the trio strives to continue their exciting development, and write music that is always more thoughtful and informed.
-February 19th at DePaul Student Center Lounge, Chicago

-March 2nd at Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro, Chicago

-March 14th at Uncommon Ground on Clark Street, Chicago

-June 28th at The Norris Cultural Center, St. Charles, IL

-July 22nd at Heritage Prairie Farm, Elburn, IL

-August 26th at Heritage Prairie Farm, Elburn, IL
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